Marta Mleczko​

Founder & Tutor
Brief info

Marta is a dedicated professional with a rich educational background and over 15 years of experience in teaching both children and adults. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts Education and a Master's degree in Graphic Arts from the University of Education in Krakow, she has cultivated expertise in fostering innovation and creativity.

Marta's commitment to excellence extends beyond her academic achievements. She furthered her expertise through a postgraduate course in Conservation of Architectural Monuments and Sculpture at the University of Technology. In 2021, she achieved another milestone by completing her Master's degree in Early Childhood and Pre-school Education at the Pedagogical University.

Her extensive teaching experience has provided Marta with a profound understanding of educational dynamics. Whether engaging with young minds or adults, she prioritizes fostering innovation and creativity in her teaching approach. Beyond her academic pursuits, Marta finds joy in outdoor activities, particularly hiking in the mountains. She values leisure time spent with her feline companion, combining her love for nature with the simple pleasures of companionship. Marta's multifaceted background, wealth of experience, and commitment to cultivating creativity make her a valuable asset in educational settings.