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Enigma Mosaic

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Class Description

Introduction: Discover the art of unity and creativity with Vivid Atelier’s Team Synergy Workshops. Our “Enigma Mosaic” workshop challenges teams to piece together abstract themes on puzzle-shaped canvases, fostering collaboration, adaptability, and creative decision-making.

Workshop Description: Embark on a journey of collaborative exploration with “Enigma Mosaic.” In this unique team-building workshop, participants draw abstract themes such as happiness, sadness, love, etc., on puzzle-shaped canvases. The challenge lies in the collective assembly of the puzzle, with the entire team deciding how to piece it together. Embrace the unpredictability and explore how randomness can be a powerful factor, teaching teams to deal with uncertainty in a creative and harmonious way.

Key Benefits for Participants:

  1. Fosters Creative Decision-Making:
    • Challenge the team to collectively decide on the arrangement of puzzle pieces, encouraging creative decision-making and fostering a sense of ownership in the collaborative process.
  2. Promotes Adaptability:
    • Embrace the randomness as a factor and explore how to deal with uncertainty. This workshop promotes adaptability as teams navigate the unpredictable nature of assembling the puzzle.
  3. Strengthens Team Synergy:
    • Experience the power of collective decision-making as the team collaborates to decide the placement of abstract themes. This strengthens team synergy and communication.

Workshop Details:

  • Method: Mixed media
  • Duration: 5 hours – tailored to allow each team member to contribute, with additional time for collaborative decision-making
  • Location: Conducted at the client’s chosen venue, creating an engaging and collaborative setting
  • Price: on request
  • Team Size: Ideal for teams of 4 to 20 individuals, promoting teamwork and shared creativity
  • Competitive Element: Yes, fostering a friendly competition to create the most visually compelling and cohesive collaborative puzzle

Why Choose Collaborative Puzzle Creation?

  • Creative Exploration:
    • Explore the creativity that emerges when assembling abstract themes, providing a unique perspective on how the team collaboratively interprets and connects these elements.
  • Adaptability and Uncertainty:
    • Embrace the element of randomness to teach teams how to deal with uncertainty, fostering adaptability and resilience in a corporate context.
  • Team Bonding:
    • Strengthen team bonds as members collectively contribute to the creation of a puzzle that represents their shared values, emotions, and creative expression.


  • Encourages Collaboration: Team members work together to create a unified puzzle.
  • Navigating Uncertainty: Embrace randomness and learn effective adaptation.
  • Promotes Strategic Thinking: Team decides the arrangement of themes, fostering strategic decision-making.

Join us for Collaborative Puzzle Creation – where pieces of creativity come together to form a unique masterpiece, reflecting your team’s adaptability, unity, and creative decision-making skills.